Welcome to Undercurrents BBS!

1 minute read Published: 2018-05-20

Welcome to Undercurrents BBS, your home base for news from the retro underground! This board is here to serve you messages, files, games, and a heavy dose of nostalgia.

Your retro experience is brought to you by richinseattle and pinguino with a huge amount of help from burps and the members of fuel. A massive thank you to all the effort on the terrific art for the board theme.

Please connect to the BBS using the web based BBS Terminal link above or using your favorite ANSI terminal software (instructions below). Select apply and fill out the application to gain access. Enjoy your stay and check back often!

What's inside

Celebrating retro art and computing is one of the many purpose of this board so you will see message and file bases related to ANSI, Demoscene, Music Synthesis, Emulation, Hobby Electronics, and so on. I hope you will add your favorite examples as well.

How to connect

BBS Software relies on special text mode 16-color ANSI graphics and is best viewed with specialized software. The Undercurrents BBS website hosts a web-based ANSI terminal that runs in your browser and connects over Secure WebSockets to provide a secure and easy to use interface. Alternatively you can connect directly over SSH or Telnet using the below software.


This is a new edition of a BBS that was once on dialup in NW Indiana in the 219 area code running on various versions of Renegade and Telegard BBS software. It now runs on a modern BBS software called Enigma½ BBS by Bryan Ashby, check it out at https://github.com/NuSkooler/enigma-bbs

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you enjoy your stay and be sure to check back often, new content added by sysops weekly